A Message from the Director...

From a log cabin on Main Street to a new building on Broadway, the Greater Monticello Chamber of Commerce & White County Visitors Bureau has served the community on many fronts.

For over 50 years, business leaders have come together as Chamber members to enhance the quality of life in our community.  Working with businesses and government entities, the Chamber supports pro-business ideals on the federal, state and local levels.


The State of Indiana's Department of Tourism recognizes the Chamber as White County's official tourism entity.  From its inception, the Chamber has been the Tourism Information Center. 


The Chamber is a volunteer organization, and each success we have is because of of our valued members.  The list of projects we support is vast.  The volunteers who support the Chamber are generous.


We thank each member who makes the community stronger by supporting the Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau.  Together, we have a partnership for success.

In Community,

Janet Ollman Dold

Executive Director

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement:

The Greater Monticello Chamber of Commerce & White County Visitors Bureau  shall strive to build a favorable business, government, and community environment to enhance the quality of live in our area.  

Our History

More than 40 years ago, a wooden structure stood on the courthouse lawn.  The building had a sliding window and someone was on- hand to give out information to residents and tourists. 

Later, a log cabin replaced that building on the same location.  In front of the log cabin, there were two large arrows...one pointing the way to Shafer and on pointing south to Lake Freeman.

Following the 1974 Tornado, the Monticello Redevelopment Commission built a unique, triangular-shaped building on the site where information had always been given out.  The cornerstone for that building was set in 1976.  The signage on the structure read, Chamber of Commerce and Lakes Information Center.  In 2014, that building was removed when Constitution Plaza was remodeled.


The Chamber moved to a temporary location at 103 South Main Street, the former Hallmark building. 


In August, 2015, the Chamber moved to its new permanent location at 105 West Broadway Street, the former Jerry's Photography building.